Turbo Monte Carlo SS

This 2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS rolled off of the assembly line equipped with a 3.8 liter V6 engine producing 200 horsepower. While this power level provided for a satisfactory ride, it was far from the level of performance that one would expect from the storied SS moniker. The car's owner, Greg Hubbs, wanted something extra for his Monte and was willing to go to extremes to get it. Thus began the Monte's long journey down the road from staid naturally aspirated power to extreme turbocharged front wheel drive performance.

The late model front wheel drive Monte Carlo is not the typical tuner platform. This provided Greg with an opportunity to express his automotive vision using a unique platform, and he jumped on it. Unfortunately, there were mistakes made along the modification path, and Greg's Monte arrived at our shop in serious need of a performance makeover. The car presented a challenge as well as an opportunity to help a customer finally realize his vision, and we jumped on the opportunity to help Greg make the Monte into the car that he wanted it to be.

The Problem

Greg's Monte had already undergone some serious performance modifications prior to arriving at our shop. Unfortunately, the actual performance of the modifications that had been made to the Monte was not anywhere near the level that it should have been. The Monte experienced catastrophic engine failure not long after we first saw it, rendering the vehicle inoperable. Greg was obviously frustrated by the time that he arrived at our shop, but was still unwilling to give up on his vision for the car. We set out to repair and reengineer the various problems with the vehicle, primarily the engine and transmission, in order to allow Greg to finally realize his vision for the Monte.

The Solution

After talking with Greg and discussing his various options for the Monte Carlo, it was decided to proceed with a complete custom engine and transmission build that would allow the Monte Carlo to reliably produce the level of power that Greg wanted. Matt, with input and approval from Greg, designed a custom engine and transmission solution that finally allowed the Monte Carlo to be qualified to wear the SS badge.

So what all went into the engine and transmission? The list below details the custom work that was put into the engine and tranmission.



Other Upgrades

The Monte Carlo has an extensive list of performance modifications. Greg has built a great page for the car on CarDomain. Check it out for a full view of this car's build.

Greg Hubbs's 2002 turbocharged Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS